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We are a diverse spirit filled family of believers centered on our love for Jesus Christ. Our goal is simple, we want to see people come to know Christ Jesus for themselves.



"To build a multigenerational, multicultural church that disciples people, who disciple people.”

One by one, we can reach individuals through our relationships with each other. No matter who you are or what walk of life, we want you to know that when you walk through any door of our campus that you are loved.



To Demonstrate the Kingdom of God.


The River Church exists to become a citywide voice that crosses every racial, generational, and socio-economic barrier by evangelizing and restoring people from all walks of life through the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.



Encounter: We value God’s glory. We pursue His presence in our homes and come together as a body to encounter Him together. We are lead by His presence rather than programs. Acts 2 came before Acts 6; we believe it’s the oil of the Holy Spirit and the power of God that transforms lives.


Mission: We prefer mission over maintenance. Both are necessary. Maintenance refers to how we minister to, take care of, and develop believers of Jesus Christ in our house. Mission refers to how we aim to go above and beyond in our mission to rescue the lost every time.


Destiny: We prefer destiny over history. Our future is greater than our past. We will revisit and glean from our history while we look forward to what God has in our future.


Pursuit: We prefer and embrace the unpredictable over our plans. Unpredictable is not the same as unprepared. God is sovereign and we will do what He wants on His timetable despite what we have prepared to do. We remain flexible in our pursuit to follow Him.


Synergy: We are a house of multigenerational and multicultural synergy.

Generations within our church family do not compete with each other, they complete each other. We believe the Holy Spirit is being poured out on all generations. Our church will be a place where fathers and mothers will release sons and daughters into their kingdom assignment.


Dream: Lack is not our problem. God is good and we are responsible to dream His big dreams without the boundaries of lack. Where He guides us, He will faithfully provide for us.

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