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Turn Off Your Notifications

Are you finding yourself consistently stress, unproductive and anxious because of the all of the notifications that are coming in on a daily basis?

Then this message it for you...

Everything wants our attention. Our family, our businesses, our school work, our friends and even social media. Everytime you think you are making progress a notification comes on your phone, through your email, or on messenger. With the new notification comes distraction that detours our thought process, our actions, and our focus from what we were doing.

This pass Sunday Pastor Bradon took us to the book of Luke 5:12 and really helped us to understand how we can learn to turn our notifications off.

Before you say, "I cannot turn off my notifications". We understand you have obligations that tugs at your expertise and your availability. We do not want you to get fired. We dont want you to miss an important call. We dont want your parents to get upset that you are not responding.

However, in everything that we pursue or do, BALANCE is the key.

There are so many applications that are on our phone, so many email listing we have subscribed to and so many projects we have signed up to do but none of them are enriching our life, drawing us closer to God or helping us to maximize our gifts.

Every notification that comes into our life has an assignment and requires our attention. However, God requires our attention too. He desires to have a closer relationship with us. But we can become so consumed by the notification of what others need, notifications of our own plans, notifcations of the report of the doctor that we forget that God requires our attention.

The negative thoughts that consistently appear or the habitual behaviors the circulates when we are around certain individuals are also notifications that take place in our life and distracts us from getting closer to God. But the solution to having control over your mind, your day and your life is muting those notifications that was not placed there by God.

It will become easier to mute the phsyical notifications, negative emotional and mental notifications when we start making God the center of our day.

This week we challenge you to turn off your notifcations. Take a moment and remove some space in your life and find some quiet time with God. Ask him how to help you balance life and the obligations that you have. Ask him how to balance your desires and wants. Ask him how to balance what types of notifications are important.

Meditate on Matthew 6:24 "Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes" (MSG)

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